2023 Quest Calendar 🚀 A Space Fantasy RPG

Created by Sundial Games llc

A desktop tear-away calendar with a year full of adventure.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update. It's happening!!
4 days ago – Fri, Dec 02, 2022 at 09:07:45 PM

Santa's elves are busy at work! Fulfillment and shipping are currently underway. We have confirmations from many of you about getting your tracking info and receiving your items. See details by region below.

Digital Downloads

Codes for the print-n-play digital PDFs available on went out last week. You should have them in your email. If not, check your spam folder and your BackerKit account (Lost your survey?)

General Shipping Info

The first phase of shipping includes pledges and pre-orders that completed their survey and finalized their info in early November. Any late pledges finalized after this will be in the second phase (we still expect you to receive your rewards before the holidays).

If you need to check your survey or have never received one, you can check the order using the survey recovery page! You can then enter your email address to receive another survey link. 

If you have not received your tracking information yet, please wait on emailing us until we have said that all shipments have been completed for your region. Also, check your spam folders. If you are in the US, your tracking number will be attached to your BackerKit account/survey.

Update by Region

We are including the backer count by region so you might get an idea of the time it takes to complete each region.

AU/NZ - Fulfillment is underway with Aetherworks. (About 90 total backers in this region.)

CAN - Fulfillment complete with Pick and Pack Logistics. (About 185 total backers in this region.)

UK (and World)- Fulfillment in progress with ShipQuest. Many tracking numbers have been assigned. We anticipate to start shipping out orders to backers from next week. (About 250 total backers in this region.) It usually takes 2 - 7 days for orders to be delivered (in the UK) once dispatched.

EU - Fulfillment scheduled with ShipQuest. We anticipate to start shipping out orders to backers from next week. (About 360 total backers in this region.) It usually takes 2 - 7 days for orders to be delivered once dispatched.

ASIA - We anticipate to start shipping out orders to backers from next week with VFI Asia. (About 30 total backers in this region.)

US - We are making steady progress and are about 20% complete already. With about 4200 backers in the US, it will take us some time. You may notice others posting that they have received theirs and you still don't have a tracking number. Please be patient. We are sending orders out via USPS Priority mail so they are quick to deliver (2 - 5 days) once they are out of our garage. That's right, my family and I are doing this ourselves and taking the papercut beatings. 

Here is our little garage warehouse / Santa's workshop. Our cute little elf doesn't help much, but is a great moral booster.

I think we need a few more decorations, hot cocoa, and some jingle bell rock!

Missing & Damaged Items

Sometimes there are mistakes - by us, with the manufacturer,  and within the post offices. If you have missing or damaged items, Send an email to describing the issue. Send pictures if possible. We can start sending out replacements after the first phase of fulfillment is completed.

Back to work!

We have a lot of work to do and will get back with you in our next update (either next Friday or the following Monday).  Have a great weekend.

~Thomas, Sundial Games and family!

Shipping update, Accessory pages, PnP, and more
17 days ago – Sat, Nov 19, 2022 at 05:45:59 AM

Hello Heroes,

We have some fun stuff to tell you as we are entering the holiday week...


We will be shipping very very soon! Some countries are beginning next week. Some are likely to start after next week. In the US, we will be starting on the weekend after Thanksgiving. We will have better details by then.

Accessory Sheets

The Hero Book comes with some helpful pages for managing your hero while exploring space and adventuring through the galaxy. We made the hero sheets available to download and how have the Equipment Sheet, Inventory Sheet, and Karnack Ship sheet available for you.

Go here on our website to view and download these sheets.

Equipment Stickers

I think we really failed to update everyone on one of our favorite stretch goals: The Equipment Stickers!  I really should have done this before orders were locked.

These awesome stickers will come with the Hero Book.

These awesome stickers will come with the Hero Book. 

We got some early samples and got to try them out. I am very happy with them. These will make managing your equipment, crew, and ship upgrades so much more fun.  If you want one of these and your order is locked, reach out to

Manufacturer Video

We got ahold of one more manufacturer video that we wanted to share with you. 

I think my fascination with manufacturing videos started when I was younger and watched Mr. Rogers showing how crayons are made. It is even more exciting when it is something of your own creation.


We will be publishing the Print and Play PDFs next week!! Look out for a code in your email to claim them on The email will come from BackerKit. Once released, you can always find your digital codes in your BackerKit Pledge Manager.

Lost your link?

Its not too late

Spread the news and get your friends and family to buy copies. Our order store is open.

Adventure on and happy feasting! 🦃

~Thomas, Sundial Games

Locking your shipping address!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Nov 04, 2022 at 08:27:34 PM

We’re getting ready to ship and need to lock down your address.

That means you have two days to update your shipping address in your BackerKit survey.

If you need to review your shipping address, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or requesting your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page at

If you haven’t answered your survey yet, you can still fill it out to get your rewards, but your shipment may be delayed.

We’re currently aiming to ship rewards at the end of November. If you need to change your shipping address, please make the changes in your BackerKit survey in the next two days.


🎃 Trick or Treat!! 👻
about 1 month ago – Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 01:43:40 AM

The Hero Sheets are Ready!

Click the image to check out the new heroes.

Peruse our page for the hero's character sheets. These PDFs can be printed out or saved to view digitally. For black and white printing, use the printer friendly ones. 

Like last year, there is no sheet the the character in the prologue.  You can use the blank sheet, or the one provided in the calendar.

The custom hero rules will be available later.

If you want to travel to Colorado Springs to pick up your rewards, we are hosting a local gathering where you can come meet the developer, talk about or play games, and shop at Petrie's for your holiday game giving needs.

Where: Petrie's Family Games : 7681 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

When: December 10th @ 1 - 3pm

If you want to attend and haven't selected to do so on BackerKit, or if you previously opted to attend but can no longer do so, shoot an email over at We can get your Backerkit set set up. 

Here is a Facebook event to respond to.

Manufacturer Photos

One of the best parts of being a game designer is seeing your ideas getting created. It must be like Dr. Frankenstein in the lab when his monster came to life.  It is an amazing feeling seeing your creations taking form. These aren't in our hands yet, but will be soon.

Up Next

In the next update, we will release the additional sheets (Equipment, Inventory, and Karnack ship sheets) for you to use. have more manufacturer pics, and soon the Print-n-Play versions! We will also be locking addresses in a couple weeks.

Happy Halloween!


Rules Available + Hero Book Preview
about 2 months ago – Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 03:10:10 AM

Hello everyone.

Manufacturing is nearly complete and most accessories are on their way to warehouses across the world right now. 


We aim to make the rules for the Quest Calendar simple. However, we have still gotten plenty of clarifying questions over the years, so we created a comprehensive document to answer them all. I am sure there will be more questions to come.

The official rules are now available!

Click to view/download the rules PDF

We will make a printer friendly version without the colored background soon.

The calendar does explain things as you go along, and if you are familiar with other RPGs at all then you can likely begin your adventure without ever looking at these rules.  

We took some time to make a PDF with pictures and examples. It is much nicer that a plain text file from previous years. However, with nicer formatting, the file grew lot. 

Summary of Changes from Previous Years

If you played previous Quest Calendars, there are a couple rules changes you will want to get familiar with. Here is a list of a few.

Ship Combat - This is brand new. Get familiar with how the Karnack battles other ships and handles damage.

Crew - Followers in the Quest Calendar are now assigned to rooms aboard the Karnack and can get killed if the ship takes damage.

Ship Upgrades - Just as your hero can take on equipment, you can upgrade your ship to perform better in combat.

Death and Items - We changed the consequences of death just a bit. Now you only need 1 item to remove any wounds and negative trait consequences when you die.

Pickpocket - It was too fun to only allow 1 class to pickpocket. Now every player can grab extra coin, but the Smuggler is a bit better at it.

Sunday Lottery - With weekends still combined into one page, we give you something to do on Sunday to earn (or lose) some credits if you choose to gamble a bit.

Hero Book

Our big update with all the heroes and extra sheets is going to come next, but we wanted to inform you of a small change to the hero book.

At the beginning of the project, some of you requested that the Hero Book be bound on the side edge so it is easier to navigate and flip between heroes and equipment. When the binding was at the top, it was hard to tell what direction to turn the page to get to your equipment and inventory.

Well, we took your advice and are proud to present the new landscape format:

Next Update?

We will be publishing the next update in just a couple weeks (before the end of October). In that update, we will release all the hero sheets on our website for you to view and download. We also expect to have a set date and time for the local pickup.