2023 Quest Calendar 🚀 A Space Fantasy RPG

Created by Sundial Games llc

A desktop tear-away calendar with a year full of adventure.

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2024, T-Shirts, iOS App
9 months ago – Thu, Mar 02, 2023 at 09:40:39 AM

Hello all you lovely heroes.  Lots of fun things in this update! Check it out.

2024 Quest Calendar

Looking for the next Quest Calendar? For those of you that have been with us for a while, you may recall that we've previously launched in March. This year, we are delaying the campaign until July so we can solidify a few details with some amazing accessories we wish to offer you. Until then, get a sneak peek of 2024's theme here.

Apple iOS App

The Apple iOS Version of the Hero App is now available!

We are proud to be able to bring you this app to help track your hero and play the Quest Calendar. It is still in the works and we are making consistent updates. I am sure you will find some bugs or think of great features you'd like to see. Join our Discord Community and you can offer suggestions and feedback on our discord channel: #app-discussion

T-Shirt Design Winners

The community had fun submitting ideas for shirts. These are the winners that have received a free shirt:

Congratulations to the winners: Alex Pringle, Jonathan Mauvilly, and Steve Asphodel.

Looking to represent your favorite heroes or get one of these shirts yourself? We opened our t-shirt store and will continue to create new designs and make other items available. To celebrate the launch of our apparel store, we are offering everyone 20% off everything in the store. Simply use the code LAUNCH20 when you check out.

Use the code LAUNCH20 when you check out for 20% off.

Here are some of our favorite designs so far, but me sure to check us out frequently as we add new things: maps of Maladoria and Terralon, coffee mugs, game mats, etc. We will update the community on our socials. If you have an idea for something you want but it isn't in the store, let us know.

Hero Book Mod

For those using the Hero Book, someone on Discord suggested having removeable pages for the Ship, Inventory, and Equipment Pages to limit flipping around. Keep the useful pages closer to your hero with this cool trick. I tried out this experiment and it is a simple modification you can do. It works well. Here is a video:

Genghis Con 2023

I had a blast attending my first convention as an artist and vendor. It was a great learning experience as well as an opportunity to show off what we do. It was great to meet several of our backers, find some new ones, and personally connect to many influential gamers in the community. We are committing to return next year!

Thank you Luke Gygax for a glorious demise in Tomb of Horrors. Thank you Alphinius Goo for the lovely gameshow giveaways! Thank you Tommy Rice for the entertainment and life advice at the mixer. Thank you Andre'a and Donny for the work and passion you put into making this happen. 

Find us on all the socials:

Hero App, T-Shirt Design Contest, Genghis Con
11 months ago – Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 09:38:53 AM

Lots of info in this update..

A Hero App!?

We created a Hero Companion app to help you manage your character.  While I personally prefer the hero book, some of you might prefer an app. Since we will be trying it out for the first time and know that it still needs some work, we will be offering it for free this year. It is going to have updates and will change throughout the year, however, it is at a good point to release it. The Android version is available now while an Apple iOS version is in the works.

Get it here:

I am sure you will find some bugs or think of great features you'd like to see. Join our Discord Community and you can comment with suggestions and feedback on our discord channel #app-discussion

T-Shirt Design Contest

We are in the process of opening up a print-on-demand store so you can wear and display your heroes proudly, get stickers, large map posters, mugs, and more. I have some ideas for shirts, but I'm not a t-shirt designer, nor am I witty enough. Perhaps you are? Enter our t-shirt design contest on Discord and you could win a print of your very own shirt. 

You don't need to be an artist either, we can take your ideas and try to mock them up. Join our Discord Community and design away!

Rules on Discord, on our website

Genghis Con

Sundial Games is attending our first ever convention: Genghis Con in Denver, Colorado from Feb 23 to 26. 

Visit us at Artist Alley Table 16


That is all for now. We will release another post when the Apple iOS version is available and also announce the shirt contest winners.

Until then, Happy Questing!


Custom Heroes + Glue Issue
11 months ago – Mon, Jan 16, 2023 at 04:57:47 PM

A short update for everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the Quest Calendar prologue and plot setup thus far. You will be getting to the main story soon.

Custom Heroes

Build your own hero.

 We did some rebalancing of the custom hero creation rules and created the "Spellcaster" class. Remember these are optional and make the calendar a bit more challenging. You are smarter than our test software so you might find a game-breaking combinations. If so, share the info with us either by email ([email protected]) or on our discord channel (

You can find the rules at the bottom of this page on our website:

Glue Issue

Many of you have taken the opportunity to request replacements. Some of you opted out of a replacement and have done a fix of your own. I have attempted this and the results came out well. It was easy too. I created a video for a DIY. I am not a youtube video expert, so please forgive me for quality, sound, and general novice operations.

Also, someone made a cool calendar holder available for anyone to 3d print ( This can also help those with the glue issue. Credit goes out to theLearnedNerd for this one. This community truly is great.

What Next?

We still have 1 more big update planned. Stay tuned. Until then, happy questing!

~Thomas, Sundial Games Team

Let the Adventure Begin!
11 months ago – Sat, Dec 31, 2022 at 06:56:01 AM

Many of you will be starting the adventure in a couple days. For some of you, a single page per day can feel slow. If you feel like going at a faster pace, feel free to do so. 

There are bound to be questions. We will be monitoring the forums and channels and can answer any that you have. 

If you haven't received your rewards, see the shipping update below and lost mail notes from the last update.

Completed work

2x1  PDF files - If you only got the digital PDFs and are looking to print them out, we finally released a format that allows you to save some paper. We will not do the 2x2 this year as the size makes it near impossible to read.

Sticker PDFs - Some of you requested this. If you use the PDFs digitally, we added a file for the sticker that come at the end. 

Remaining Work

Custom Characters - Like last year, we are a bit behind on the rules for custom heroes. You can't use them until Jan 18th when the prologue is complete, so we still have some time. We are trying to get the rules down for "spell casters" that we couldn't do last year.

Bonus - We are working on something extra this year and haven't spoken about it much. We are trying something new and I am sure it will be a hit. However, since it isn't quite ready yet, we will wait for the next update to divulge more.

Glue Issue

We have had a lot of reports of the calendars coming apart this year. We voiced our frustrations and concerns to the manufacturer and they confirmed that there was indeed less glue used this year. We are also working with them on a fix for next year by using an extra cardboard piece on the binding, like a book.

We will happily send out a replacement if you email us with a picture (to help relay the issue to the manufacturer). We can't guarantee the new one won't have the same issue, but we are happy to try to make it right.

Shipping Update

US - We are sending out new orders as we receive them.

UK (and world) - We are sending out new orders as we receive them.

EU - We are sending out new orders as we receive them.

CAN - Wave 2 is expected to be fulfilled soon. Sorry it is taking so long. I am told the fulfillment centers have experienced a lot of delays this season.

AU/NZ - There are reports of many receiving their rewards. They should be on their way soon if you haven't gotten them yet. Anyone in wave 2 will experience further delays.

Asia - We seem to have the hardest time securing reliable information on the status of this region. We know that all orders have been sent, but exactly when you will receive anything is hard to tell. VFI Asia has a hub status page that looks to have some info. We will be looking into ways to address this issue next year.

Shipping Update before the Holiday!
12 months ago – Tue, Dec 20, 2022 at 12:10:07 AM

We did it! We have finished shipping in the US!!!

Everything was in the mail before the USPS deadline for "guaranteed" Christmas delivery. See below for detailed shipping info by region and to see what to do for lost mail and missing or damaged items. 

Although most of you have your rewards or have them in transport, there is always the possibility of trouble with the mail. I am trying to do as much as I can to make sure these arrive when promised even when some problems are out of my control at this point. It is still very important to me that everyone get these in time. 

If the calendar arrives after Jan 1st, I hope you, or the one you intended to give it to, can enjoy playing a few extra days at the beginning to catch up. 

If you needed it as a gift, consider doing what I do for gifts that arrive late. Print out a picture of the gift  and write a message telling the the person it's on the way.  It gives the person something to open at least and lets them know what to expect. The anticipation can be just as exciting. Feel free to use one of the images below.

Work Remaining

We still have to finalize the Custom Hero Rules. There are some minor modifications we are making to last years and we hope to have that done before Jan 1st.

Some people have requested a few additional PDF resources. We will get to those soon as well.

On to planning 2024!

Shipping Update

CAN - Wave 1 is Complete. Wave 2 (surveys and orders filled out after the official Lock date) are expected to be fulfilled soon.

UK (and world) - Wave 1 and Wave 2 are complete. We are sending out new orders as we receive them.

EU - Wave 1 and Wave 2 are complete. We are sending out new orders as we receive them.

AU/NZ - Fulfillment is still underway. Some of you have received tracking notices. I am hoping you get your rewards soon.

Asia - I had hoped to have a better update by this time, but alas I do not. I have not given up and am still on the pursuit to get more info.

US - We've completed all the US shipping from our warehouse/garage. Everyone should have tracking numbers (check your email spam folders and your BackerKit survey) and you should get your rewards before Christmas. We still have new orders coming in and will get those shipped out as fast as we can with daily pickups. However, we can no longer guarantee deliver before Christmas.  They should still arrive before New Years. And if something comes late, you can spend a couple of extra days catching up.

Lost Mail, Missing, & Damaged Items

Lost mail is one of the most frustrating things at this time of year. Hopefully you don't have issues with porch pirates. Sometimes there are mistakes - by us, with the manufacturer,  and within the post offices playing football with packages. If you have missing or damaged items, or your mail is lost:

US - Send an email to [email protected] describing the issue. Send pictures if possible. We can start sending out replacements after the first phase of fulfillment is completed. For lost mail, follow up with USPS regarding any missing packages.
Non-US -  In addition to sending an email to [email protected] to let us know, you can CC GamesQuest on the email ([email protected]) so they can coordinate with your local hub. And if you prefer, you can contact the relevant up directly with the following links.

Happy Holiday!

My family and I here at the Sundial Games home base are happy to wish you a very Merry Holiday!

~Thomas Bedran & the Sundial Games family!